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CEMS Chrome Apps, Extensions and Add-ons

To install the apps and extensions below, visit the Chrome Web Store on your Chromebook or from within your Chrome browser.  Teachers can install anything from the Chrome Web Store.  Students can only install the ones marked "approved for student use".  Google Apps add-ons can be installed within the app, from the Add-Ons menu.  To submit an add-on for student approval, click here.  


Record and narrate the actions on your chromebook screen.  Save and share them as video files.    

Screencastify (Approved for Student Use)

Easily scan and create QR codes.

The QR Code Extension (Approved for Student Use)
stop motion animator.png

Easy-to-use stop motion program that uses the chromebook camera or separate webcam.  Allows narration

Stop Motion Animator (Approved for Student Use)
keep awake.png

Tired of your chromebook going to sleep if you don't use it for a few minutes?  This add-on overrides system power-saving settings.

Keep Awake (Teacher use only)

Pear Deck is a GOOGLE SLIDES add-on.  To install it, open a Google Slides presentation, click on Add Ons at the top, Click Get Add Ons, and search for PearDeck.  Pear Deck makes Slides interactive by adding multiple choice questions, discussion starters, and lots of other student-response options.  Student response data can be saved and shared.  

PearDeck (Teacher use only)
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